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Model: 33M; SN: xx; Year: 2006.
480v; 3ph; 60hz.

The Vantage 33 CNC Routers incorporate a vibration and impulse damping technology that combines welded steel I-beam construction with a cast composite core. The basic shape and strength of the machine comes from the steel main structure. The composite core provides vibration damping characteristics greater than those of gray cast iron. The rapid dissipation of induced and resonant vibrations assures high quality machining of parts, improved tool life and extended machine life.

High Acceleration with S/C Tech®
The most important aspect of S/C Tech® is the high performance that may be achieved with the Vantage 33. The Vantage 33 acceleration rates are up to 7 times faster than those of other machines. High speeds and high acceleration rates induce large stresses on a machine. S/C Tech® permits the Vantage 33 to operate more quickly, efficiently and reliably than others in its class.

High Performance with S/C Tech®
High acceleration rates are very important in extending tool life and achieving consistent cut quality at high machining speeds. The faster a machine accelerates, the sooner the tool is operating at its rated feedrate and RPM. Long acceleration times translate into more friction between the tool and the machined material. This friction quickly wears out tooling.

Features molded into the S/C Tech® composite core enhance air flow and efficiency of the vacuum hold-down system. Solid vacuum holding power is important for accurate machining of parts and minimization of scrap.

S/C Tech® Means “State-of-the-art” Machine Design
The Vantage 33 combines state-of-the-art machine design, construction and control technologies to take Nested Based Manufacturing to a new level of productivity for the small shop.

Vantage 33 Configuration:

4' x 10' Bridge style gantry with working area cap.: 3,100 mm (122") Length, 1,250 mm (49.2") width; and Z-axis 80 mm (3.1").

The head travels on THK linear motion guides on all axes, feed speed on X-axis is 315 FPM, Y-axis 196 FPM and Z-axis is 82 FPM.

Boring unit with (7) independent vertical spindles (1,500 - 7,500 RPM), variable spindle speed.

Equipped with: (1) 9.5 HP High speed constant duty variable speed router spindle (1,250 - 18,000 RPM), programmable RH or LH rotation, 8-position ATC rack located at the end of machine (HSK-63 tool holders).

PC Front-End running Windows based 486/66 MHz controller for (3) axes; linear, circular & helical interpolation; NUM programmable logic control operating system.

14" Color graphic monitor, keyboard for data entry, CD disk drive, 1.0 GB hard drive, 32-bit processor, EtherNET interface for LAN connection to office PC, RS-232 serial interface.

Contained in a separate free-standing control cabinet.

The machine can be programmed off-line with the same intuitive icon driven software that the operator has on the machine controller. The PC software is not copy protected and can be installed on as many PC's as you like.

Worktable: Grooved phenolic table; machine is equipped with light safety curtain (will stop machine if operator enters work area), safety fence, separate control cabinet.

20 HP Vacuum pump and assorted tool holders.


Replacement cost: $60,000.00, (approx.).
FOB: Georgia
This machine is offered “in good running condition as taken from service” and is subject to prior sale.
Specifications are approximate and to the best of our knowledge. Verification is available upon request.